Free support is limited to technical issues related to the customer’s account that is outside the control of the customer. Issues that can be remedied within the sphere of customer influence are not supported by the included support services. In short, customer configurations either locally on customer premise equipment (CPE) or within their CPANEL control panel are not covered by included support.

Monthly Packages

Monthly hosting packages are priced as follows, invoiced with or without tax, the total fee remains the same:

  • Silver $55 per month (no edits per month)
  • Gold $77 per month (includes 1 hour edits per month $99)
  • Platinum $99 per month (includes 2 hours edits per month $198)

Edits per month may also include Account Based Support or Design Work as described below.

Monthly packages may be changed by agreement.

Initial monthly package sign up term is 12 months, unless otherwise specified by agreement. Early cancellation fees (the remaining balance) apply if cancelled prior to the end of the 12 month term. After the 12 month term, the monthly package will continue on a monthly basis.

Types of Support

Support for our customers falls into three categories:

  • Server Side Support
  • Account Based Support
  • Design Work/Support

Server Side Support is covered by your monthly hosting fees, and no additional charges will apply.

If you require either Account Based Support or Design Support, there will be additional charges. These are either quoted before hand, or charged at an incremental time based rate.

Our hourly rate is $99, with or without tax, the total fee remains the same.

Charges are based on 30 minute increments:

30 minute increment: $49.50

Minimum Fee: $49.50

For example, should you need some work done that takes our support team 45 minutes, your charge will be $99. Should you require something more substantial, and it takes say 1 hour 15 minutes, the charge would be $148.50 (Based on 3 x 30 minute blocks, at $49.50 each). Please note the minimum charge is $49.50.

Discounts, Promos and Coupons

Any discounts, promotions or coupons will be offered at our discretion, no exceptions. Occasionally we may offer discounts to long term, loyal clients.

We also reserve the right to reverse/revoke any discounts applied to any of our services should an account become overdue.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this information, please contact us.

This information was last updated on 21st October 2021.